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Dasein descerra sua estrutura fundamental, ser-em-o-mundo, como uma clareira do AÍ, EM QUE coisas e outros comparecem, COM QUE são compreendidos, DE QUE são constituidos.

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Parvis Emad & Kenneth Maly: DA

sábado 8 de abril de 2017

The difficulty of translating Heidegger’s word Da has been recognized all along by Heidegger’s translators, demonstrated by the fact that the German word Dasein   has been almost universally retained in English translations. Untranslatability of the word Dasein extends also to the word Da, a central word of Contributions, and to the words derived from Da, namely Daheit, Dagründung, and Dagründer. Since there is no single word in

English that would reflect what goes on as Da-in this word "here" and "there" merge and become one-we decided to indicate this merging thus: t/here [Da], Throughout Contributions the reader will find t/here followed by the word Da in square brackets. Da follows t/here in order to alert the reader that this word refers to the merging of "here" and "there" and that with this word Heidegger exposes a central being-historical theme.

We translated the two words Daheit and Dagründung with t/hereness and grounding of the t/here, each followed by the respective German word in square brackets. For Dagründer we chose to say: founder of t/here followed by Dagründer in square brackets.