Heidegger, fenomenologia, hermenêutica, existência

Dasein descerra sua estrutura fundamental, ser-em-o-mundo, como uma clareira do AÍ, EM QUE coisas e outros comparecem, COM QUE são compreendidos, DE QUE são constituidos.

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Parvis Emad & Kenneth Maly: ZEIT-RAUM

sábado 8 de abril de 2017

In order to say what is being-historically ownmost to time and space, Heidegger uses the word Zeit  -Raum  . We translated Zeit-Raum with time-space. Note that this hyphenated word is quite different from Zeitraum (written without a hyphen), which we have translated as "a span of time." The phenomenological context of Zeit-Raum includes the word Zwischen   and its variants, such as das Zwischenhafte, Zwischengrund, Zwischenfall, zwischendeutig, inzwischen, and die Inzwischenschaft. Translating das Zwischen with "between," we have put the German word in square brackets throughout, in order to draw the reader’s attention to the phenomenological context of this word.