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Heidegger and Asian Thought

Graham Parkes - Introduction
J. L. Mehta - Heidegger and Vedanta: Reflections on a Questionable Theme
Otto Pöggeler - West-East Dialogue: Heidegger and Lao-tzu
Joan Stambaugh - Heidegger, Taoism, and the Question of Metaphysics
Paul Shih-yi Hsiao - Heidegger and Our Translation of the Tao Te Ching
Graham Parkes - Thoughts on the Way: Being and Time via Lao-Chuang
Keiji Nishitani - Reflections on Two Addresses by Martin Heidegger
Yasuo Yuasa - The Encounter of Modern Japanese Philosophy with Heidegger
Akihiro Takeichi - On the Origin of Nihilism—In View of the Problem of Technology and Karma
Koh ei Mizogu chi - Heidegger’s Bremen Lectures: Towards a Dialogue with His Later Thought
Tetsuaki Kotoh - Language and Silence: Self-Inquiry in Heidegger and Zen
Graham Parkes - Afterwords—Language
Hwa Yol Jung - Heidegger’s Way with Sinitit Thinking
David Michael Levin - Mudra as Thinking: Developing Our Wisdom-of-Being in Gesture and Movement