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Fittingness (Fug) is a condition in which entities are adapted or suited to the situation   in which they belong, and thus are in a suitable state for interacting with each other. Heidegger argues that entities are disclosed in their being when we grasp their fittingness (i.e., the conditions under which they are connected, adapted, and adjusted to each other), and thus fittingness is an ontological concept. “Fittingness” is Heidegger’s translation for the Greek word dike   (GA40  :169/171), which is more standardly translated as “custom,” “usage,” “order,” “right,” or “justice.” He argues, however, thatthese standard translations miss the ontological significance of what ancient philosophers like Heraclitus   have in mind in, for instance, fragments like the following:

One must realize that war is shared and Conflict is Justice (dike), and that all things come to pass (and are ordained) in accordance with conflict. [CHL  ]