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Ursache / Ursachesein / Kausalität / Urtheil

Ursache / causa / cause / Ursachesein / ser causa / être-cause / causation / Kausalität / causalidade / causalidad / causalité / causality

The highest idea  , although itself barely visible, is what makes possible both being and unhiddenness, i.e. it is what empowers being and unhiddenness as what they are. The highest idea, therefore, is this empowering, the empowering for being which as such gives itself simultaneously with the empowerment of unhiddenness as occurrence. In this way it is an intimation of αιτία (of ’power’, ’mastery’). [GA9  :98-99]


Ursache, die: GA1   GA2   GA3   GA5   GA6T1   GA6T2 GA7   GA8   GA9 GA10   GA11   GA12   GA13   GA14   GA15   GA16   GA17   GA18   GA19   GA21   GA22   GA23   GA24   GA25   GA26   GA27   GA28   GA29-30   GA31   GA32   GA33   GA34   GA35   GA36-37   GA38   GA39   GA40   GA41   GA42   GA43   GA44   GA45   GA46   GA47   GA48   GA49   GA50   GA51   GA52   GA53   GA54   GA55   GA56-57   GA58   GA62   GA65   GA66   GA67   GA68   GA69   GA70   GA71   GA74   GA75   GA76   GA77   GA78   GA79   GA85   GA86   GA87   GA88   GA89   GA90  

Ursache-Wirkung  -Verhältnis  , das: GA29-30 GA33 GA65 GA87 GA88

Ursachenlehre, die: GA22 GA60  

Ursachesein, das: GA6T1 GA9 GA31 GA33 GA42 GA43 GA53 GA65 GA66 GA76 GA86