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One aspect of emergence — “self-unfolding presencing” — is experienced wherever something shows up as spontaneously manifesting itself as it was already in itself. A paradigm for emergence is the way seeds sprout, grow, mature into a plant, and decay. Emergence involves an activity or process of growth (GA4  :56/79) — that is, an arising, lingering, and then decaying that discloses the growing thing’s inner nature. Where being is understood as emergence, to be is to “appear in such a way that its appearance is determined on the basis of emerging-from-out-of-itself” (GA54  :2o6). Emergence contrasts with, for instance, an understanding of being that takes as its paradigm manufactured or produced entities — that is, entities which manifest less their own nature or inherent aims and goals, and instead show up in terms of the intentions and designs of their creators or producers. [CHL  ]