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segunda-feira 10 de julho de 2023

Andenken  , remémoration, rememoração, recalling

When I forget the umbrella at the hairdresser, what is that? I did forget taking the umbrella with me, but not   the umbrella. I omitted it I did not think of it. I was just concerned with something else. Therefore, here forgetting is a privation of having thought of something. Here, memory [is understood as] recalling something [Andenken] . [1] (GA89  :212; tr. Mayr & Askay)


[1See ibid., p. 116: “In actual fact, I have forgotten neither the umbrella itself nor the possibility of taking it along. Forgetting [not recalling], as it is used here, simply refers to the fact that something is no longer considered thematically in its presence, though it remains unthematically present. The mode of being present to me has changed.”—translators